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At the southwest of the Peloponnese lies a place of vivid beauty: Messenia. A region extremely abundant in natural and cultural beauties. A synopsis of Greece. Messenia is renowned for the quality of her beaches. Some of them are of true exotic beauty and regarded among the top in Greece. Many of them combine their beauty with the setting of picturesque traditional villages and a marvelous countryside.

Kalamata, the capital city of the region, is a lively cosmopolitan port and a cultured city. Methoni, Koroni, Pylos, Kyparissia and other smaller settlements, are beautiful little coastal towns, decked with romantic monuments and traditional architectural aspects. The area of Mani is famed for her unparalleled character and beauty. Tourist services and amenities are excellent and cover a great range of recreatory style, from romantic villas to luxury resorts.

Messenia is a place of light and life; a must and catching experience.

Chamber of Messinias
= PL. 23nd MARTIOU
27210 62200

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